Leftist Columnist Vents After TN School Bans Media From Football Game


Dear students of Collierville High:

These are difficult times. But you knew that. What you may not have known is that the people who run your school would choose this precise moment to teach y’all an important lesson in leadership. So pay attention, OK?

The lesson is: Don’t do it like they’re doing it. Observe how they are doing it — take a close look at the stupidity of it all — and someday, when you are faced with a crisis, think back to your leaders at Collierville High School and tell yourself: “Oh, I remember! I’m not going to be as small and as boneheaded as they were!”

This has to do with Friday night’s football game, of course. And if you have been wondering why a high school football team is playing in the midst of a worldwide pandemic, well, extra credit for you. But the team played anyway. In front of roughly 650 friends and family. So, naturally, the local media planned to head out and report on the proceedings. What sort of social distancing measures were in effect? Did fans comply with them? Did it appear to be safe?

In response, your intrepid leaders decided to address these critical issues of public safety by saying: “No media allowed.”


That was the solution.

In America.

Daily Memphian

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