Sheep-Like Media Stampede Each Other to Watch Biden Fireworks (Video)


Footage out of Wilmington, Delaware, captured the moment mainstream media reporters scrambled outside following Joe Biden’s big DNC speech to witness a fireworks display in his honor.

In video shot by a Politico reporter immediately following Biden’s closing speech, liberal “journalists” are seen practically stumbling over each other to get outside and celebrate his nomination.

“Reporters were told to hurry outside after Biden concluded his speech or they risked missing his fireworks event,” tweeted Politico’s Natasha Korecki. “They listened.”

The video was taken as more evidence of the DNC tightly controlling the media shills covering their dull event, and proof the media dutifully obeys anything they’re told to do.

“This literally looks like a ‘cat lady’ stampede,” commented radio host Wayne Dupree. “What a pathetic ‘news media’ we have.”

Another Twitter user remarked, “Alt Headline: Reporters didn’t ask questions because fireworks and must protect Biden.”


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