TN Mom Resigns From Job After Son Falls Behind in Virtual Schooling (Video)


After being in school for a month, an Alcoa City Schools’ mom realized it was time to make big sacrifices for her child.

Unable to work from home as an essential worker, she resigned from her job since her child was starting to fall behind in school.

“It’s hard enough as a parent and a mom to have to make that sacrifice,” said Elizabeth Carpenter. “I have nowhere else to go. I’m at my wit’s end.”

She had concerns with the newly structured online school year from the start. 

“This may be OK for a high school student or a college student, to be in front of a teacher then go online, but my fourth grader is just now learning to put sentences together,” she said.

Her son, Anthony, is a fourth-grader at Alcoa City Schools. For a month he’s been going to school one day a week — the rest is virtual. Starting next week, he’ll go to school two days a week. 

But as an essential worker, Carpenter said she can’t be there while he’s learning at home. 

“Where’s he gonna be, who can we get? Who are we exposing today?” she said.


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