Connecticut Mayor Names Sewage Treatment Plant After John Oliver


The Connecticut city formerly best known as “dirty Danbury” – perhaps previously best known for the name of the nearby women’s prison where “Orange is the New Black”‘s author served her sentence – is back in the headlines this week after announcing that it plans to name its new sewage treatment plant after HBO comedian John Oliver.

Why? Because Oliver lambasted the city in a bit from his popular weekly political humor show “Last Week Tonight”. During a segment about discrimination in jury selection affecting most of Connecticut’s small-ish cities (it’s a mostly suburban state), Oliver offered to “fight” anybody from Danbury, because “f**k Danbury,” he said.

During the unveiling, the mayor of the city said the name was appropriate because the plant is “full of crap, just like you, John”.

The comedian focused on the racial disparities in jury selection and reports that minority residents of the Connecticut cities of Hartford and New Britain were excluded from selection.

Zero Hedge

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