Customers Drag Woman Out Of Grocery Store For Not Wearing Mask (Video)


Footage out of Long Beach, California, shows a woman being physically assaulted and dragged out of a grocery store by a mob of customers for not wearing a mask.

The video shows a mob of mask-wearing fanatics surrounding the woman before pushing and shoving her towards the door, with one customer outright dragging the woman out of the building as other customers looked on.

Incidents like these are becoming more and more common as the media continues to fear-monger despite the scientific data showing that the elderly individuals with pre-existing conditions are overwhelmingly the most vulnerable to the coronavirus.

For example, a California couple had hot coffee poured on them for not wearing masks while eating food outside earlier this month.

And last month, another California bystander caught footage of a deranged woman macing a couple for not wearing a mask – who was also eating food outside.

And yet another video captured in a Walmart shows a woman hysterically shouting and assault a group of teens not wearing masks.


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