CCP’s WHO Calls For Prolonged Medical Tyranny Worldwide


Wearing masks alone is not enough to prevent the spread of coronavirus, the technical lead of the World Health Organization’s (WHO) emergency program has said, adding that people need to maintain a safe distance from others.

“We are seeing that people aren’t really adhering to the physical distancing anymore,” said Maria Van Kerkhove at a WHO press conference. ” Even if you’re wearing masks, you still need to try to do the physical distancing of at least 1 meter (3 feet) and even further if you can.”

The WHO has laid out a list of measures to curb the spread of transmission, including wearing masks, maintaining physical distancing, and washing hands regularly and thoroughly.

“So, it’s not just masks alone. It’s not just physical distancing alone. It’s not just hand cleaning alone. Do it all,” said Van Kerkhove.


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