Psychotic TikToker Threatens ‘Rampage’ For Rioters Shot in Kenosha


Video footage of a Black Lives Matter activist on TikTok who thrashed about in the passenger seat of a vehicle, said she felt like she was about to go on “a f**king rampage,” and shed tears for rioters who were shot while attacking a 17-year-old boy in Kenosha, went viral this week on social media.

In the video, TikTok user @actingshy yells, “I feel like I’m about to go on a f**king rampage.”

The young woman then thrashes around in her seat, striking out with her fists and rocking back and forth.

“Civilians! Civilians! Are out there with AR-15s shootin’ and killin’ protesters. And you motherf**kers wanna get on TikTok and talk about, ‘What if he did this? What if he did this?’ Talkin’ about Democrats want f**kin’ war. But y’all out there walkin’ around with f**kin’ AR-15s,” she continues, as saliva begins to pelt the camera.

“And the police are passin’ out waters? F**k it! Stop it! F**k you, f**k your hate, f**k America, I don’t give a f**k no more. Y’all want war? Let’s do this s**t!” the activist declares. “F**k y’all. No one gives a damn about y’all f**kin’ feelings.”

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