Rand Paul Believes Mob Who Assaulted Him Were “Paid Anarchists”

rand paul

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) appeared on Fox & Friends on Friday to describe his encounter with BLM after Thursday’s RNC where rioters mobbed and attacked Paul and his wife.

“It was horrific,” Paul stated. “We had two women with us who were friends of ours and we came out of the speech but we couldn’t go to our hotel across the street because the mob was already chasing people down who chose to go out that exit.”

Paul and his group were told by Secret Service to go the Trump Hotel 45 minutes away and then, they took an Uber all the way back to their hotel across the street from the White House.

When their Uber was blocked by protesters, Paul decided to walk with his group two blocks to the hotel, and that’s when the mob attacked.

“They saw me right when we got to the policemen fortunately or I don’t think we would have survived,” Paul said.


Black Lives Matter Terrorists Death Threat Rand Paul Outside RNC

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