NYT ‘Journalist’ Gets Roasted For Linking Portland, Kenosha Shootings

jumping gun

A New York Times writer has been left red-faced after he was quick to link an overnight shooting in Portland to the incident in Kenosha. His far-reaching assertions turned out to be badly mistaken.

Shortly after a man was shot and killed during chaotic protests in Portland, where pro-Trump activists faced off against a Black Lives Matter (BLM) crowd, NYT opinion writer Jamelle Bouie took to Twitter to ‘analyze’ the incident.

The journalist linked it to the earlier Kenosha shooting, stating “it took four days before someone decided to emulate Rittenhouse” and effectively suggested that it was a BLM protester who was killed and put the blame on the movement’s opponents.

It quickly became clear the situation was exactly the opposite and it was a Trump supporter who was killed, Bouie deleted his far-reaching message. But adding to the irony of the situation, the journalist also apparently took time to scold another user for linking the shooting of two police officers in St. Louis with the ongoing US protests, insisting some “evidence” is needed to do so.


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