Target Employee Fired for Pouring Bleach into Starbucks Pro-Cops Drink


An employee at a Target in Indiana has been fired after filming a TikTok video in which he poured bleach into a drink meant for a cop.

In the TikTok video filmed in a Starbucks inside an Indianapolis Target, the employee brags about concocting the toxic “Blue Lives Matter” drink, though it’s unclear if it’s actually served to anyone.

“Hi guys, I updated my recipe for the Blue Lives Matter drinks,” the barista says, as the song, “All I want for Christmas is more dead cops,” plays in the background.

“First we’re gonna start with bleach,” the barista says, pouring more than a half cup “All the way to the third line.”

“Then we’re gonna add ice because, you know, cops love ice.”

In a separate pitcher he adds “more bleach,” and “a little blood of innocent black men,” he says, pouring an unidentified red ingredient into the mixture and finishing off the drink with a blue powder.


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