After GoFundMe Bans Kyle Rittenhouse Campaign, Christian Crowdfunding Site Raises Nearly $300,000


A fundraiser on Christian crowdfunding website GiveSendGo has raised nearly $300,000 for Kyle Rittenhouse, the alleged Kenosha, Wisconsin shooter who police say killed two rioters and maimed a third as violence continued in the city last week.

The Rittenhouse campaign on GiveSendGo, which is in communication with Nick Sandmann attorney L. Lin Wood, has raised nearly $300,000 at time of publication, exceeding its goal of $200,000 by $83,301 at press time for a total of $283,301. The campaign appears to be the top trending fundraiser on GiveSendGo, and has nearly 7,000 donors.

The campaign organizer explains that they are in communication with the Rittenhouse family, Kyle’s legal team, as well as the new foundation set up by Wood to raise funds for conservatives facing politicized legal challenges.

National File

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