Anger in LA After Black Man Shot by Deputies; Police Say Victim Was Carrying a Gun


BLM demonstrators flocked to a site in South Los Angeles where a black man was shot and killed by deputies of the LA County Sheriff’s Department.

The man was filmed running from the officers and reportedly had a gun on him.

The shooting happened on Monday after midday in the area of Budlong Avenue and 109th Place. According to the Sheriff’s Department, deputies were driving in a patrol car when they saw the man riding a bicycle, and decided to pull him over for a traffic violation. He left the bike and tried to run away.

When the deputies caught up with him, he fought back and punched one of them in the face. At that moment they spotted a handgun among some clothing items that the man had been carrying and dropped on the ground during the fight. It was not immediately clear if he tried to reach for the weapon before the deputies shot him, the department said in a statement to the media.


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