“Demand is Insane:” NYC Movers Turn People Away as Big City Exodus Accelerates


The pandemic-induced summer of escape from New York continues at a moment violent crime is on the rise, restaurant and public venue closures make the city less appealing, public transit is reeling in debt, and remote working set-ups are giving those with means greater mobility.

More worrisome trends… or rather signs of the times signalling that for many the gentrified Big Apple has as one family recently put it reached its “expiration date.”

Two separate NY Times reports on Sunday detailed that moving companies are so busy they’re in an unprecedented situation of having to turn people away, while simultaneously the suburbs are witnessing an explosion in demand “unlike any in recent memory.”

And then there’s fresh data showing that during the pandemic Americans are fast getting the hell out of the more expensive “real estate meccas” of New York and New Jersey.

Zero Hedge

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