NJ is Becoming the Most Hated State as Households Flee in Record Numbers

new jersey

A new tax on millionaires, a 22.5% gas tax hike  (bringing the total increase to 250% in 4 years), and now a tax on high frequency trades: it is becoming obvious to most – except perhaps the state’s democratic leadership – that New Jersey is now actively trying to drive out its tax-paying population and top businesses with a series of draconian measures to balance its deeply underwater budget, instead of slashing spending.

The state-imposed limitations on commerce, mobility and socialization due to the covid pandemic have also not helped.

And in case it is still unclear, the trend of New Jersey’s ultra wealthy residents fleeing for more hospitable tax domiciles which started with David Tepper years ago, is now spreading to members of the middle class.


Threatening to Call 911 on Minorities Now Illegal in New Jersey

New Jersey Town Bills BLM Protest Organizer $2,500 For Police Overtime

New Jersey Gym Closed Over COVID Reopens as Campaign Rally Location

Police Raid New Jersey Gym, Arrest Owners For Violating Gov. Murphy’s Shutdown Order

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