Suburban Voters View BLM Unfavorably, Support Trump


Suburban voters are swinging their support to President Trump as they now view ‘Black Lives Matter’ unfavorably.

Yahoo! News, which conveniently banned user comments before the election, admitted that a majority of suburban voters view BLM unfavorably in the aftermath of the Kenosha riots.

“In July, the Black Lives Matter movement received a 46 percent favorable to 45 percent unfavorable rating from suburban Americans. Right after the Republican convention, that rating flipped: 44 percent favorable to 50 percent unfavorable,” the outlet admitted. “In July, a majority of suburbanites said police brutality against minorities (53 percent) was a bigger problem than crime in their communities (47 percent). One month later, those same suburbanites were saying the opposite, with 53 percent now citing crime as the bigger problem.”

Obviously the rioting has backfired on Democrats.

“In late July, Biden led Trump by a decent margin in the suburbs: 48 percent to 41 percent. In late August, the same suburban Americans told Yahoo News and YouGov that they preferred Trump over Biden, 45 percent to 43 percent. That’s a 9-point swing,” the article added.


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