Poll Shows 64% of Brits Are Not Interested in Netflix Shows on Harry, Meghan

attention whores

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle might be hoping to tap into an audience of 193 million captive viewers as they sign a mega deal with Netflix to produce documentaries.

But while the mammoth subscription service might command a huge fan base, it doesn’t necessarily dictate what they watch.

And a poll suggests Harry and Meghan are going to have an uphill battle in getting people to tune into their programming, with only 3% of UK respondents saying they are ‘very interested’.

YouGov polled more than 2,700 British adults about how interested they were in watching the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s content, and 64% said they were not interested at all.

The poll showed more women were very interested than men, at 4% of respondents to just 1% of male respondents.

It also revealed women were more likely to be ‘fairly interested’.

There was some regional split, with the highest level of very interested people living in Scotland and London, at 5% in each place.

Yahoo UK

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