After Taking 1 Trillion From China, Australia Turns into Police State


Is this crackdown on people protesting a draconian police state happening in China or Australia? It’s becoming a distinction without a difference as the Australian state of Victoria. Coincidentally Victoria took $1 TRILLION from the Chinese for “infrastructure” — the ONLY Australian state to take ANY money. And it’s an “infrastructure” that Chinese dictator XI would be proud to call his own.

“Freedom Day”, the protest against draconian police measures, has now taken place. It is the event for which a pregnant woman was manhandled by police, handcuffed in her home and taken away in tears, fore merely posting about it on Facebook.

In spite of threats from the police, 200 people showed up to stand for the liberties that just 6 months ago western societies took for granted.  Initial reports are 15-17 arrested, 150-160 fined by police.

Assistant Commissioner Luke Cornelius had made it clear that the right to peacefully redress grievances would NOT be respected, but punished.


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