Rhode Island Officials Prepare ‘New Normal’ Rules For Film Crews


Like many other businesses, most film and TV production came to a grinding halt with the pandemic. But specific guidelines are coming soon to get the cameras rolling again.

NOS4A2, that SciFi Thriller TV series shot in Rhode Island that airs on AMC, wrapped Season 2 just before the pandemic swept in. Post production got it on the air this past weekend.

“Film being a collaborative medium, people work together, that’s how a lot of things are done,” said Steven Feinberg, head of the Rhode Island Film & TV Production Office. “But now they’re talking about remote, remote, remote, checking and making sure that people are healthy. There’s a lot of social distancing, quarantining.”

If a third year is given the green light, the $40 million per season series may be delayed, depending on the COVID protocols, that are “collaborated on by all the various unions, for the safety of all the crew, the cast, and all the support teams,” said Feinberg, who attending the Zoom meetings, working on the details.

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