Dangers of the Twentieth Amendment


The Twentieth Amendment was ratified January 23, 1933. That was right at the beginning of the Great Depression.

Then, at 1:00 A.M. on Monday, March 6, President Roosevelt issued Proclamation 2039 – Declaring Bank Holiday, ordering the suspension of all banking transactions, effective immediately. He had taken the oath of office only thirty-six hours earlier. That proclamation was drafted and prepared several months earlier, and it just waited until he took office to make it official. Why does that matter? Because the Great Depression actually began when that proclamation went into effect.

This was a turbulent period in our history, and the Twentieth Amendment was a part of that time. Many of our current problems have their roots during this period. Those in the background, the International Banking Establishment, used this period to alter our government to their own liking. Here is an amendment that was planned many years ago so that it would be available when the time was right, and that time is now.

Round Table Report

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