Instagram Promotes Obesity, Refuses Ads For Weight Loss Programs


Social media giant Instagram is promoting images of obese people in the name of ‘body positivity’ while refusing to accept healthy eating ads which include photos that show people with well toned bodies.

Fitness guru Alex Feinberg tweeted about the issue, noting that an ad campaign for weight loss that showed images of his successful dieting program was blocked by Instagram.

The reason given was that the promotional material, “uses images that excessively focus on a person’s body or any given body part,” and that this “can make users feel bad about themselves, and goes against our core value of fostering a positive global community.”

Feinberg then compared the refusal of his ad to an image of a morbidly obese woman who has over 500,000 followers, which Instagram did not relegate in its algorithm.

“Instagram boosts this chic to over 500K followers and won’t let me advertise pics with my shirt off Because it “can make users feel bad about themselves” The end is nigh folks,” tweeted Feinberg.


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