Georgia: Young Girl Killed by Head Lice Lived in a Rat-Infested Bedroom

poor girl

A 12-year-old Georgia girl who died as an indirect result of a severe lice infestation, lived in a house of horrors where her bedroom was infested with rats.  

Kaitlyn Yozviak died on August 26 from cardiac arrest with a secondary cause being severe anemia, as it’s believed repeated bites from the lice lowered her blood iron levels and may have triggered the cardiac attack.

When agents got to the home and found her body, the inside was filthy and in disrepair with vermin covering the mattress, stuffed animals and other furniture in Kaitlyn’s room.  

Her parents Mary Katherine ‘Katie’ Horton, 37, and Joey Yozviak, 38, said she hadn’t bathed for a week-and-a-half. 

Her mother made the 911 call saying she was unresponsive and she later died in hospital. 

Daily Mail

‘We never imagined it would end like this’: Couple who planned to adopt Kaitlyn Yozviak speaks after her death

Parents Face Murder Charge in Death of Girl With Severe Lice

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