MSM Finally Admits It Wanted Open Borders to Help Spread COVID


The New York Times has published an article admitting what we told you 8 months ago – that the World Health Organization’s directive at the start of the coronavirus pandemic that countries shouldn’t close their borders was a decision based on “politics,” not science.

“The World Health Organization has long encouraged mass tourism and said closing borders wouldn’t stop the spread of Covid-19. A New York Times investigation found this policy was never based on science, but instead on politics and economics,” tweeted the NY Times with a link to an article detailing the issue.

As we reported back on January 31, the WHO repeatedly urged countries not to impose border controls, in part to avoid the “stigmatization” of Chinese people.

In other words, not being seen to be racist and preventing people’s feelings from being hurt was more important than stopping the spread of the pandemic.

Then in April, we documented how the WHO blocked doctors from urging countries to impose border controls to stop the spread of coronavirus.


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