Businesses Reflect on New Flexible Mask Order From Gov. Reeves (Video)

fucking stupidity

Masks are now only required at certain businesses after the statewide mask mandate expired on Wednesday.

Cassandra Thornton with Infinity Nails and Spa says safety at the Brandon nail salon is a top priority.

“I am one with asthma so the more mask, the better because I’m still protected. Because we’re in such a closed space that I don’t want to subject myself to exposure to the virus,” said Thornton.

Governor Tate Reeves let the statewide mask mandate expire for most businesses. Nail salons and other close-contact business are still required to use them. Thornton is all for it.

“It doesn’t really bother me if we have to wear the mask even longer or not because it protects me in the long run. It protects all of us in the long run. This virus isn’t going away no time soon,” she said.

The salon is still checking for fevers at the door, practicing social distancing and requiring proper hand washing. Thornton said there has been slight push-back from customers.


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