Christopher Nolan & James Cameron Ask Congress to Save Movie Theaters


A letter signed by several prominent filmmakers, including Christopher Nolan and James Cameron, is urging Congress to help save America’s struggling movie theaters. Theaters in many states recently reopened on a partial-capacity basis, mainly to host Nolan’s new film, Tenet. Despite major campaigns promoting the film and efforts on behalf of companies like AMC and Cinemark, the reopening efforts have not brought enough revenue to sustain the theaters.

As the coronavirus pandemic drags on, and the fall promises to bring a rise in case numbers once again, the fate of theaters is uncertain. Tenet was heralded by many as the savior of the big screen, but even a Christopher Nolan blockbuster hasn’t been enough to shoulder the weight on its own. The film barely broke $41 million domestically after its fourth weekend. And while the film remained at number one during that fourth weekend, it was the weakest performance for a number one at the box office in over 30 years, bring in just $3.4 million.

Screen Rant

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