Three Years Later: Looking Back at Las Vegas Massacre (Video)


Vegas ISIS Attack Police Files Show 3 Women Were Paddock’s Room, Wife Had ISIS ‘Friends’

Paddock Coroner Refuses to Release Autopsy!

The Dysfunctional Paddock Family

Paddock ISIS Video Withheld From Public

Paddock Was An ISIS Asset, (ISIS Claimed Credit For Vegas Attack)

Patsy or Terrorist?  The Secret Life of Stephen Paddock

Mandalay Bay Saw Nothing Suspicious With Paddock Bringing a Dozen Suitcases?

Las Vegas Terrorist Spent 7 Days Bringing 21 Bags to His Room

Vegas Shooter Motivated by Globalist Media Anti-Trump Propaganda

Vegas Terrorist Had an Accomplice

Vegas Massacre Survivors Sue Mandalay Bay and Event Organizer

Newsweek Still Blaming Trump For Vegas Attack

Mandalay Bay Owners Sue Las Vegas Mass Shooting Victims

Another Las Vegas Survivor Dies in Hit-and-Run

Las Vegas Massacre Survivor Dies After Posting Account of Multiple Gunmen

Was the Las Vegas Shooting a False Flag?

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