Beijing Biden: China Gloats How Biden Worldview Aligns With Communism

beijing biden

The article, “China’s Place in a Biden Presidency,” recently ran in China Global Television Network (CGTN)a mouthpiece for the views of the Chinese Communist Party. It confirms a recent U.S. National Counterintelligence and Security Center (NCSC) report concluding the Chinese Communist Party “prefers” Biden over President Trump in the upcoming election.

The nearly 800-word piece insisted that Biden’s worldview “runs parallel to Beijing’s”: “It is against this backdrop that Biden’s multilateral worldview runs parallel to Beijing’s demonstrated pursuit for global cooperation, affording new openings for foreign policy convergence.”

The CGTN op-ed also draws a distinction between President Trump and Biden regarding their relationship with the Chinese Communist Party, emphasizing Biden “does not share Donald Trump’s enthusiasm for an all-out trade war with Beijing.

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