Rhode Island Professor Says Michael Reinoehl ‘Justified’ in Shooting of Trump Supporter


A Rhode Island professor has sparked outrage by claiming an Antifa security guard was morally justified in killing the supporter of a right-wing group after a Trump rally in Portland.

Erik Loomis, a professor at the University of Rhode Island, first speculated that self-confessed “100% Antifa” killer Michael Reinoehl was executed by police when they came to arrest him.

“I am extremely anti-conspiracy theory. But it’s not a conspiracy theory at this point in time to wonder if the cops simply murdered him,” the scholar wrote in a blog post.

Police “were openly working with the fascists in Portland, as they were in Kenosha which led to dead protestors,” Loomis wrote, without any attempt to back up his conspiracy with evidence.

The claims incensed some readers, with one reminding him, “Erik, he shot and killed a guy.”

New York Post

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