Some Planets Better Suited For Life Than Earth, Researchers Claim


At least 24 planets are likely more suitable for life than our own, researchers said.

These “superhabitable” exoplanets were identified in a Washington State University study which says these planets are likely either slightly warmer, slightly wetter or orbit stars that have a longer lifespan than our own sun.

“With the next space telescopes coming up, we will get more information, so it is important to select some targets,” said researcher Dirk Schulze-Makuch. “We have to focus on certain planets that have the most promising conditions for complex life.”

“However, we have to be careful to not get stuck looking for a second Earth because there could be planets that might be more suitable for life than ours.”

Researchers also suggested that planets that are around 10% larger than Earth would provide more habitable land.

But perhaps their most interesting claim is that an exoplanet warmer than the Earth by about eight degrees Fahrenheit is more suitable for life, which on its face contradicts the alarmism of “global warming.”


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