After Settlement With Judicial Watch, LA County Still Mailing Ballots to Dead People


Ballots have just started arriving in mailboxes in California, and it’s already clear that the practice of mailing every registered voter a ballot is going to be a complete s**tshow in the state.

Former Acting National Director of Intelligence Richard Grenell, a California resident, tweeted a photo Friday of two ballots mailed to people who have been dead for more than 10 years and called for an investigation into Gov. Gavin Newsom’s election interference. Newsom issued an executive order mandating that every registered voter in California receive a ballot in the mail, even though a 2017 study found that 101 percent of the state’s residents of voting age were registered to vote. Clearly, the state’s voter rolls are bloated and inaccurate.

Noting that the address on the ballots in Grenell’s tweet in Redondo Beach, which is part of Los Angeles County, attorney Harmeet Dhillon quickly pointed out that Los Angeles County had been sued by and entered into a settlement with Judicial Watch over its inaccurate voter rolls, in which the county pledged to purge more than a million “inactive” voters from their rolls. Since these two deceased people received ballots, does that mean that the county didn’t follow through on its agreement?

Red State

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