Fed Introduces Cashless Society, Says COVID Has ‘Contaminated’ Money


The Federal Reserve sent out a notice that they’re stopping the printing of any paper currency “this holiday season.”  This is all due to the virus, of course, because any new money they print could be contaminated. Just keep using old, clean, used currency.

“I’ve talked about the money issue, the push for a cashless society.  Remember, they stopped minting coins this summer.  You’ve seen people begging for coins, businesses saying they’ll round up to the nearest dollar, or others saying they’re not going to accept cash at all anymore, which is what they want,” said David Knight.

He continued, “Now, a listener sent me a notice that was sent to a credit union saying,  ‘Federal Reserve has suspended orders for new bills in 2020.  During the holidays, members often request newly printed bills to give as gifts, unfortunately, this holiday season newly printed bills will not be available due to COVID-19.’  The Federal Reserve is using this as an excuse to do what they’ve wanted to do for years.”

The excuse offered is that by ceasing printing new currency, it helps to “meet demand.” Does that make any sense? Nobody ever accused the Federal Reserve of understanding supply and demand.  Maybe they understand it but don’t respect it.


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