Walmart Rolls Out ‘Contact-Free’ Tech-Based Stores


Walmart has introduced a new store design and layout that will be rolled out in the near term.

The new design was mostly inspired by fierce competition from Amazon, airport layouts, and the contactless environment produced by the virus pandemic. 

In a recent blog post, Janey Whiteside, the retailer’s chief customer officer, wrote the new layout “spotlights products and end-to-end digital navigation that guides customers throughout their journeys.” 

The new design, which will be unveiled in nearly 200 of Walmart’s 4,500 US stores this year, will be seen at another 800 next year, incorporates technology to produce a contactless shopping environment. 

There will be a lot of notable changes for customers. The first is the aisles will be labeled by numbers and letters to help customers find products guided by the Walmart app on their smartphone. The move is to produce a habit among customers to use the app rather than Amazon’s. The app will be loaded with helpful technology that will reduce instore frustration in product searches. 


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