Trump Posts Video On COVID Therapies: ‘This Was A Blessing From God That I Caught It’

trump salture

Ahead of the vice presidential debate scheduled for Wednesday night, President Donald Trump told the American people about new COVID therapeutics used on him that he’s ready to have authorized for emergency use to the public, emphasizing that he believes he was hit with the virus as a “blessing from God.”

In the video message was posted to Trump’s Twitter account with the caption: “A MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENT!” In the message, POTUS said the American people should have access to the same sorts of treatments available to him — and he wants to make them free.

The president noted that the therapeutics given to him have already made him feel better now than he did before he tested positive for COVID-19 last week.

“For me, I walked in, I didn’t feel good, a short 24-hours later; I was feeling great — I wanted to get out of the hospital. And that’s what I want for everybody,” he said. “I want everybody to be given the same treatment as your president, because I feel great. I feel, like, perfect.”

“So, I think this was a blessing from God that I caught it,” he explained. “This was a blessing in disguise.”

Daily Wire

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