Chicago’s Labor Day: 51 Shot, 10 Fatally Including 8-Year-Old Dajore Wilson


As expected Gun violence erupted in Chicago over the Labor Day Weekend as 51 people were shot, 10 fatally, including 8-year-old, Dajore Wilson, who was fatally shot Monday in a drive-by shooting according to Chicago police.

While Kamala Harris was in Wisconsin telling Alleged rapist Jacob Blake how proud she was of him. Just 66 miles south Dajore Wilson and three adults were sitting in a Subaru SUV at the stoplight on Union Avenue at West 47th Street when police say a gunman’s car intentionally pulled up behind them and started shooting.

Chicago Police Chief of Operations Brian McDermott stated:

“Our victims’ vehicle was parked facing northbound on Union Avenue with the offender’s vehicle directly behind it.

“When the light turned green, the offender’s vehicle immediately opened fire on the victims’ vehicle.”

“The victims’ vehicle continued northbound on Union and crashed into a tree,”

Tusker Daily

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