200 Days of Lockdown Could Trigger ‘Surge’ in PTSD

Mother and small son with face mask indoors at home, quarantine concept.
Young woman with small boy standing by window, prevention and protection.

Two hundred days into the UK’s lockdown, experts have warned the coronavirus outbreak could trigger a “surge” in post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) cases.

Boris Johnson enforced the “stay at home” measure on 23 March. While restrictions have since ebbed and flowed, life is yet to return to normal.

The mental health consequences of the pandemic were flagged early on, with scientists stressing it could have a “profound” and “pervasive” impact for some time.

Since the coronavirus was formally identified on 31 December 2019, millions of people worldwide have lost loved ones, been made redundant or even become seriously ill themselves.

Yahoo UK

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