Social Media Scrambling to Censor Biden Crime Family Scandals


A text message exchange between Hunter Biden and his sister Naomi appears to suggest Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden profited from his son’s overseas business dealings.

The suggestive text was shared by Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani on his program Common Sense Wednesday, following an exposé published earlier in the day by the New York Post which showed former Vice President Biden lied when he claimed he knew nothing of his son’s work in Ukraine.


Twitter Blocks Users From Posting Link to New York Post Biden Lobbying Story

No Shame! Twitter Censors NY Post Biden Follow-Up

Twitter Blocks Link to Republican Judiciary Website in Another Attempt to Censor Biden Scandal

“Out of Control” Twitter & Facebook “Like a Third Arm of the DNC”

Twitter Fined For Campaign Finance Violations

Twitter Blocks People From Posting “” That Reroutes to Biden Campaign Website

Jack Dorsey Donated $10M to Man Who Said Whites Adopting Black Kids is Racist

Jack Dorsey Linked to U-Haul Providing Supplies to Louisville Rioters

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