Allison Mack Is Still Awaiting Sentencing For Her Involvement in NXIVM


When NXIVM was exposed as a cult dealing in sex trafficking in 2017 by The New York Times, its top members and their shady dealings were also exposed — including Smallville actress Allison Mack. In HBO’s new documentary, The Vow, viewers see how leader Keith Raniere convinced people to join and Mack’s influence in drawing women in. What was perceived years ago as an organization for empowerment and finding control in your life quickly devolved into something much, much darker.

Mack was originally recruited to NXIVM by her Smallville costar, Kristin Kreuk, in 2006, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Kreuk brought Mack to an NXIVM meeting in Vancouver, and the leaders of the group — who knew she was coming — swooped in to hook her. And while Kreuk — as well as other actors who joined NXIVM — didn’t stay with the group for long, Mack found herself moving up the ranks to become Raniere’s go-to for recruiting new members. According to several accounts from other actors who joined, they came for help with their careers or finding control over their hectic lives, believing that Raniere’s methods would help them, but quickly realized that something was off about the organization. Not Mack, though.

Pop Sugar

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