Executive Orders Are NOT Laws, Cannot Circumvent Constitutional Rights


COVID-19 has shined some important light on the tendency of government to do as Founding Fathers warned — stretch and reach and overreach, and tread into places it doesn’t belong. And as the executive orders come fast and furious from governors’ mansions around the nation, it’s high time for a reminder: Orders are not laws.

They should be challenged by the people. They should be held to constitutional muster. They should be challenged and debated and fought over because they threaten the very foundation of America’s free society.

America is not a kingdom but rather a system of limited government where rule of law, meaning, the Constitution, guides — not mob mentality, or worse, fear — and public servants are just that: beholden to the citizenry.

Executive orders bypass that system. They are not duly passed laws by elected representatives of the people. They are not pieces of legislation that are openly debated and discussed and voted upon in ways that keep the elected accountable to the people.

They don’t give the voter the chance to express yay or nay; they don’t allow the people to hold the ultimate power.

Truly, really, if viewed through the lens of Founding Father intents with the Constitution, they hold little legal weight — in fact, they are outright blots to this system of limited government America is supposed to represent.

Washington Times

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