Commies Plan to ‘Shut Down DC’ After Election to Force Trump From Office


A leftist group is planning to “bring Washington DC to a standstill if Trump refuses to concede,” NATIONAL FILE has learned.

Shut Down DC, founded in 2019, states that “forcing Trump from office is the only way to protect ourselves and the people we love from Trump’s wrath, so we will act with the urgency that the situation requires” including with “disruptive direct action, mass mobilization, coordinated non-compliance, mutual aid, and other forms of civil resistance.” The group is led by Patrick Young, who is reportedlysenior research analyst at International Brotherhood of Teamsters. Leftist groups Code Pink, Black Lives Matter DC and Democratic Socialists of America are listed by Influence Watch as supporting organizations for Shut Down DC. NATIONAL FILE received a tip on Young’s activities from citizen journalist Nate Linderman.

Here is some propaganda from Shut Down DC’s websiteexplaining their plans for post-Election Day chaos:

“There is virtually no chance that the 2020 election will be decided on November 3rd or anywhere shortly thereafter…

And large numbers of votes will not have been counted on Election Day. In the 2020 election cycle, a record number of voters are expected to vote by mail because of the COVID-19 virus. In many states it will take days or even weeks for those votes to be counted. In fact, thirteen states and the District of Columbia accept mail-in ballots after Election Day if they are properly postmarked…


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