Supreme Court Refuses to Allow Wisconsin to Extend Mail-In Ballot Deadline


The US Supreme Court has declined to allow a six-day deadline extension for receipt of mail-in ballots in the state of Wisconsin, court documents revealed.

The Supreme Court in a 5-3 ruling sided with Republicans in blocking the Democrats’ bid to reinstate a mail-in ballot extension in Wisconsin.

“In this case, as in several this Court has recently addressed, a District Court intervened in the thick of election season to enjoin enforcement of a State’s laws”, Chief Justice John Roberts wrote on Monday in the opinion of the court. “Because I believe this intervention was improper, I agree with the decision of the Seventh Circuit to stay the injunction pending appeal.”

In mid-October, several organisations including the advocacy group Protect Democracy asked the US Supreme Court to extend the state of Wisconsin’s mail-in ballot receipt deadline for the 3 November election.


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