Antifa is Structured Like ‘Islamic Terror Cell’


Antifa, the organization that Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden said was more an “idea” than anything else, has a structure that resembles that of a sophisticated Islamofascist terror cell one national law enforcement organization has declared.

Retired Sargent and spokeswoman for the National Police Association, Betsy Brandner Smith, refuted Biden’s off-the-cuff dismissal of Antifa stating that it is a dangerous organization with an organizational structure akin to an Islamic terror cell.

“Antifa is more than just an idea, Antifa has quite a history, going back to the 20s and 30s and Hitler’s brown shirts and then we come into the anarchists of the 60s through to today,” Smith said in an online interview.

Attorney General William Barr said Antifa is a “revolutionary group” dedicated to establishing Socialism in the United States, so the groundwork is set to arrive at the end-game: Communism. Barr described the group as “essentially Bolsheviks.” Bolsheviks were an extremely radical, revolutionary Marxist faction that ended Tsarist Russia over 100 years ago.

National File

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