Anti-Lockdown Demonstrations Intensify Around Europe


Anti-lockdown demonstrations intensified around Europe on Saturday night as protesters in Rome hurled Molotov cocktails, bottles and rocks at police and there were also rising tensions in Barcelona and Dresden.

Early Saturday evening in Rome, a sit-in at the famed Campo dei Fiori ended in a clash with police as some in a crowd of a few hundred protesters began throwing bottles and firecrackers, before being dispersed by police with riot gear and truncheons.

Protesters also wielded banners, flares and the Italian flag before clashes with police saw one officer fall to the floor as others charged at demonstrators.

In Barcelona, in Spain, protesters pelted police with rocks and other projectiles in what was a second night of disturbances in Spain’s second-largest city. Small fires also broke out as demonstrators set fire to wooden pallets.

Daily Mail

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