Undelivered Mail-In, Absentee Ballots Found at Miami-Dade USPS Facility


Miami-Dade County State’s Attorney Katherine Fernández Rundle has requested an audit of every US Post Office facility in the counter to determine whether there are undelivered ballots present after a mountain of undelivered mail, including mail-in and absentee ballots, was found in the south of that county.

Fernández Rundle said she wants every mail distribution center in Miami-Dade County to be searched for undelivered ballots. She is ordering that any ballots found be brought immediately to the Miami-Dade Elections Department before the Nov. 3 election.

The Miami Herald reported on a sizable backlog of mail at the Princeton USPS facility in South Miami-Dade County near Homestead.

“I have requested that all postal distribution centers be audited and any and all ballots that may remain in these centers be immediately transported to the Department of Elections,” she said. “I have offered the full resources of the State Attorney’s Elections Task Force to Elections Supervisor Cristina White and South Florida’s Special Agent in Charge of the United States Postal Inspector’s Office Antonio Gomez.”


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