DC Reverses School Reopening Plans After Teachers’ Union Pressure

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Washington, D.C. Public Schools canceled its safe school reopening plan Monday after the city’s teachers’ union voted “no confidence” in the plan and encouraged members to take Monday off as a “mental health day.”

Washington, D.C. Public Schools (DCPS) announced Monday that it would “adjust” its reopening timeline, further delaying a return to in-person instruction. More than 90% of Washington Teachers’ Union (WTU) members submitted a vote of “no confidence” in the city’s plans last week, according to a Monday press release.

“While DCPS planned to offer in-person learning at the start of Term 2 for select elementary school students, this timeline will need to be adjusted,” DCPS tweeted. “This means all students in grades PK-12 will now begin Term 2 on Monday, November 9 with learning at home.”

DCPS Chancellor Lewis Ferebee announced in October that public schools would begin some in-person instruction on Nov. 9, according to WTOP News. The plan called for students who were most at-risk, such as those experiencing homelessness and those with special needs, to be the first with access to in-person schooling.

Daily Caller

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