Washington Times “Enthusiastically” Endorses Trump


Four years ago, Donald J. Trump presented himself to the American people as a brash, vulgar, gold-plated reality star seeking a political career in which he promised to bounce the entrenched Washington political set off the ropes of a pro wrestling ring and pound them into the canvas. It all seemed so self-serving and absurd.

Sure, he had built a massive real estate empire and lent his name to gleaming skyscrapers. But he had no track record whatsoever in the political world. We had no reason to trust that Mr. Trump would be a good steward of the economy, a fierce defender of our homeland or even a protector of our most cherished constitutional liberties.

For the first time since our founding in 1982, this paper declined to endorse anyone in the 2016 presidential election.

“The stakes are exceptionally high,” we noted a week before the election. But we left it to the “native wisdom” of the people to choose between two flawed candidates.

Washington Times

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Endorses President Trump

NAPO Ditches Joe Biden, Endorses Trump for President

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