University Advises Students to Take Extreme Preparatory Measures Ahead of Election

george washington

George Washington University in Washington, D.C. is advising students to stockpile supplies, anticipating potential civil unrest following Tuesday’s presidential election.

On Friday, GW’s Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities sent an email to the Washington, D.C. institution’s student body advising students to stockpile food, medications, and other supplies ahead of Tuesday’s election. In the email, students were advised to prepare as if there was going to be a “hurricane or snowstorm.”

The university recommended that students stockpile a week’s worth of provisions in case of civil unrest.  However, it strongly suggested that students purchase dry goods with long shelf lives, like pasta, rice, seeds, nuts, grains, and canned food. In the email, students were also advised to keep their student identification cards with them at all times and to be more diligent about preventing unauthorized persons from entering dormitories than usual.

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