FDA Warns of ‘Inaccuracies’ in New Rapid COVID Tests



  • FDA warns on antigen tests
  • Netherlands expands and extends lockdown
  • NJ sees 7-day average infection rate double in a month
  • Italy mulls more restrictions
  • Greece expands lockdown
  • Global cases top 47 million
  • Global 7-day average hits highest level yet
  • Argentina to import new vaccine
  • Bulgaria reports record deaths

* * *

Update (1515ET): Just as more people (including the CEO of Ryanair during an interview yesterday on CNBC) argue that lockdowns should be substituted for mass-testing regimes relying on the new fast-turnaround antigen tests, the FDA has issued a new alert to clinical laboratories implying that these faster tests aren’t reliable by warning that false positives “can occur”.

On Twitter, commentators pointed out that this feature was already well known, and that mass-testing would make up for it. The announcement was prompted by reports of false tests in nursing homes, according to Reuters. The warning comes after the administration signed deals with companies to supply these new tests – which are growing in popularity as more countries look to thwart fast-growing epidemics with faster testing turnaround.

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