Biden Calls Democracy Messy, Claims He “No Doubt” Will Be Declared Winner

biden calls

Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden gave a statement Thursday afternoon in Wilmington, Delaware, saying “Democracy is sometimes messy” and declaring he has “no doubt” he will be declared the winner of the presidential election when the “count is finished” from Tuesday’s election. Biden called for calm and patience as the process play outs.

Biden opened his short statement by mentioning that he and his running mate Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) had received briefings on the coronavirus and the economy and expressed condolences to the victims of the pandemic.

Good afternoon, folks. Senator Harris and I just completed uh, briefings on both COVID and the economic crisis facing this nation. And we’re reminded again of the severity of this pandemic. Cases are on the rise nationwide and we’re nearing 240,000 deaths due to COVID. And our hearts go out to each and every family that has lost a loved one to this terrible disease.

In America, the vote is sacred. It’s how people of this nation express their will. And it is the will of the voters, no one, not anything else that chooses the president of the United States of America.

Gateway Pundit

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