PA County Says it Won’t Resume Counting Votes Until Friday Due to “Administrative Work”


A county in Pennsylvania says it won’t begin counting over 35,000 ballots until Friday due to the need to perform “administrative work.”

“Allegheny County, PA still has 35,413 uncounted mail-in ballots, but elections staff is taking today off for “administrative work” and will not resume count until Friday. “I can’t get an answer as to why,” says @bethanyhallam, a member of county elections board,” tweeted the New York Times’ Trip Gabriel.

When Will Chamberlain tried to give his legal commentary on the issue, Twitter censored Chamberlain’s tweet.

“They are waiting to see how many mail-in ballots they will need,” he tweeted. “No other good explanation This should be treated as evidence of intent to commit election fraud.”


Dems Are Trying To Steal The Election In Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania

SCOTUS Orders PA Dems to Respond in Ballot Dispute

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