Republican 2024 Hopefuls Can Speak Now or Shut Up in Four Years


With Arizona coming down to the wire and irregularities in Pennsylvania’s vote counting, the race for the presidency could not possibly be closer. If Trump manages to take both states, he is re-elected. If Biden picks up just one (or takes Georgia after more ballots have been “found“), then Democrats will retake the White House.

That means that now is the time to fight, and Republican voters are suddenly paying very close attention to who is willing to stand up right now and who is cowering in the corner.

Ron DeSantis has not been quiet. He went on Fox News last night and sounded off on a range of issues, from Fox News’ ridiculously early call of Arizona even while it’s clearly in play, to the need for the GOP to fight tooth and nail now that things are so close. That now has DeSantis sitting atop many people’s wish list for 2024.

Red State

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