A Preliminary Look at the 117th Congress Reveals Great News for the GOP


Democratic pollsters beclowned themselves in 2020 with their overly optimistic predictions that a great blue wave would hand their party total control of Congress. Unfortunately for them, this promised blue wave failed to materialize. And nowhere was that more apparent than in the House of Representatives. Democrats had been convinced they would increase their majority. Although the GOP will fall short of winning back control of the lower chamber, they’ve made tremendous gains.

As of 12 pm ET on Friday, RealClearPolitics shows that 401 House races have been called so far. Democrats have won 208 of those. They have lost five seats. The GOP has won 193, gaining six seats.

I compiled a list of uncalled House races and found some good news. GOP candidates are leading comfortably in 14 of them.

Additionally, of the eight races that remain very close, the Democratic candidate leads in only one of them and by a small number of votes. In the remaining seven, the GOP candidate is ahead and only two of those leads are small. For example, in Illinois District 14, Oberweis is ahead of Underwood by only 628 votes. In California 25, a mere 254 votes separate the candidates. In the remaining five states (in the tossup category), however, the Republican candidates enjoy leads ranging from 2,284 to 4,774 votes.


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